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am sure you have mastered many things in life. It goes with being human doesn’t it? aim1

Self-mastery begins when we are born and continues into old age and throughout eternity. Everyone’s life is an adventure in mastery—it’s a universal Portrait of a mature woman with having her breakfast while looking away experience!

While we master various skills and abilities throughout our lives, the single most difficult and confrontational challenge we face is mastering ourselves.

If we succeed at self-mastery, we succeed at all of life.img3

Throughout human history, people have sought self-mastery through various means, but the one essential path to self-mastery is the spiritual path. By succeeding in spiritual self-mastery, we close the gap forever between us and our Creator, and we are able to connect at will with the vast invisible world of spirit.


Who Am I Really?

HopeYour first step in self-mastery is to understand your essential nature: You are an eternal being of great value who only temporarily inhabits a physical body. So it is in spirit that your adventures in mastery begin.

Our Creator and the spirit world, while invisible to our physical eyes, are ever-present—more real and more essential to our being than any visible, external aspect of our lives.

Because we come from the eternal Source of all life and remain connected to it, our
spirit contains properties of that Source, including the potential for:

nconditional, limitless love…
ver-expanding knowledge and wisdom… and
he will to do endless, great good


Do You See Yourself As You Are?

Cup Isolated
We often see ourselves like most of us would see a cup:

We see the cup, including the space inside the cup, but we fail to see that the space inside the cup is part of all the space in the universe!

When you are fully awakened to your true nature, you allow your spirit to flow out into that heretofore unclaimed space in the universe to partake of all of the treasures of God! photo

You were never meant to wait until you die to Sleeping African Princess communicate with your departed loved ones and to be fully aware of your connection to those in spirit.

The truth is that your spirit frequently goes out of your body and into the spirit world to visit and learn, though you often have no recall of this upon your return.

Some are consciously aware of such experiences.

womanYou came to earth for one reason: to master your spiritual life. In doing this you  master yourself in all of life’s circumstances.

In mastering your spiritual life, you master the opening of your spiritual seeing, hearing, and feeling.

And as you master your spiritual senses, you can communicate at will with departed loved ones or anyone else who dwells in the world of spirit.

From my early childhood experience of clearly seeing spirits, I know firsthand that communication with the spirit world while still in the physical body is natural—not supernatural at all!


Why Adventures in Mastery Exists

Though about seventy-five percent of Americans believe in an afterlife, for many around the world the idea remains incredible or more theoretical than real. The theory can become a reality.

philip I founded Adventures in Mastery, LLC (AIM) as a spiritual outreach work to share with others what I have learned. With proper training and practice in the use of your spiritual senses, you can perceive and interact with the spirit world. You can become fully aware of your spiritual senses and able to use them by:

Participating in a variety of AIM classes to gain general knowledge and experience…

Meditating to locate, identify, and experience your spiritual senses…

Taking spiritual development classes
to learn how to open your spiritual senses for your own spiritual advancement… and

Joining advanced spiritual development classes to learn how to consciously and correctly use your spiritual senses to serve others.


What Everyone Is Searching For

MeditationI meet many people who do not feel fulfilled or happy, and they nearly always say the same thing: Something is missing. They are right, but they often don’t know what that something is!

They are missing a part of themselves
, the part that is invisible spirit—the part that eludes physical discernment but once found brings fulfillment and a sense of completion.

Destined for the spirit world from which we came, we have a deep longing for our spiritual home throughout our lives. This longing is not only to return to the spirit world but also to be in touch with it now!

The longing and yearning that we feel motivates our search, and the sense of missing a part of ourselves urges us on. We are missing our full and complete self—our spiritual self—and our conscious connection to the spirit world and God.


HeartThe heart knows. It does not lie. And the longing we feel is telling us:

You are in search of yourself. There is more to you than you realize. You are searching for awareness of yourself as a spiritual being who has direct, full, and open communication with God and his spirit world. You are looking for true love with the Source of all love.

All who search for this part of themselves are destined to meet it one day; if not on this side of life then the other side…



ake a date with yourself to contact me so philipthat you can investigate our Adventures in Mastery programs.

It will be a life-changing date in your personal history.


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About Adventures in Mastery (AIM)


ore than a quarter of a century in the making, AIM is possible because of the dedicated personal and financial efforts of its founders, Philip and Vivien Burley, funding from early contributors, and proceeds from programs and services over many years. AIM has made substantial progress in recent years through continued generous funding, fee-based services, and the effective work of a small but dedicated staff.


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