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Channeling Explained
Spirit Beings Come to Everyone, Not Just to Mediums

ttempts by spiritual beings to channel information to us are not at all rare, but frequent. Channeling happens along a continuum: from focusing energy to affect thoughts, feelings, or even physical objects, to assuming the use of someone’s hand, mind, or vocal cords to channel messages more directly.

Guidance for all of life flows steadily from the spirit world, and those with spiritual awareness know this from firsthand experience. Even those who are less aware have had sudden insight or inspiration that seems to come from “out of the blue.”

Our guides, teachers, and loved ones in the spirit world can focus spiritual energy and direct it to subtly influence our thoughts, feelings, and behaviors, or to get specific messages through. For example:

We “see” someone in our mind’s eye or “hear” words of encouragement that move us to tears.

We are drawn to an object that reminds us of a departed loved one... we feel a gentle touch on the shoulder... or we experience sudden chills when we think or speak about them.

We may find coins or feathers in unusual places... or sense that unusual sightings of butterflies, dragonflies, or birds have special meaning for us.

We may have visions while awake or dreaming. 

When these kinds of things happen, it is a form of channeling. It is easy to dismiss such experiences, but they are often more real than we know.


Physical Manifestations of Spirit

Physical manifestations of spirit frequently happen in the early morning while we are sleeping because this is when we have released enough “odic force” (physical and spiritual energy combined) for a spirit to manifest by speaking our name aloud, touching us, or visibly appearing.

With enough determination and effort, a spirit may move a physical object, cause a light to flicker, or turn on and off an appliance, radio, or television set.

All of these physical manifestations happen through the manipulation by spirit of energies that always exist all around us.


Timeless Spiritual Law

The phenomenon of channeling is as old as human history and is based on timeless spiritual law. Spirit beings who understand this law apply it to help us with all our earthly activities.

A message may come through clearly or with “static” and confusion, depending on a number of factors, including our degree of awareness. But whether the signal is weak or strong, wise spirit beings never attempt to control us. They warn, protect, encourage, and inspire, but the rest is up to us.


Meet Your Spirit Guides

All earthly occupations are served by the spirit world. Master guides and teachers continually move between heaven and earth, channeling their energies to bring information through for our benefit.

For example...

In the world of science, ideas are given through inspiration, insight, or subtle influencing of thoughts about how to solve a particular problem or create a new invention.

Invisible hands of light guide the hands of those in the medical field, helping to achieve a positive outcome for patients.

A child may display unusual artistic or musical talent, influenced by a spiritual master in that field.

A teacher’s words may elevate the thoughts and feelings of those listening, and the unscripted words flow so fluently that even the teacher is “carried away.”

In all of these cases, the energies of the spirit being and the earthly person flow together for the purpose of achieving the best result.


When We Are in Need

When we are sad, lonely, in danger of any kind, or just spending time in meditation, we sometimes feel the presence of angels or loving spirit beings. When we feel surrounded by invisible energies bringing comfort and love when we need it most, we call the experience grace, and it often brings tears of gratitude and relief.

There are also times when we are unsure of how to solve a problem or make a certain decision. When we reflect, we often find the answer, and when this happens, we may be hearing the voice of spirit as well as the logic of our own minds. 


The Gift of Mediumship

Spiritually sensitive people, especially mediums trained to practice spiritual communication, can readily pick up the presence of spiritual beings and the information being channeled by them.

Sometimes mediums can see or hear spirits as if they were standing next to them in a physical form. But more often, messages come through a word, initial, song, image, flash of insight, emotional experience, or even physical sensation. A spiritual being may use a medium to channel messages in any of these ways. Sometimes they attempt to consistently work with a particular medium to refine the communication.

More direct channeling of information occurs when a spirit being influences an individual’s writing (as in automatic handwriting), overshadows the content of a person’s speech, or speaks directly by assuming the use of a person’s vocal cords.

Whatever the means, messages may be intended for the person receiving them or for larger audiences. A spiritual master or teacher from a high realm of the spirit world may work through a medium who writes for publication or speaks to the public, as their messages have the potential to positively affect a large number of people.

All of these experiences fit somewhere on the continuum of how spirit beings channel their energies into the physical world. The degree, clarity, and directness of the channeling depend on the willingness and ability of the spirit coming through, the skill and talent of the medium serving as the channel, and the recipient’s ability to discern the meaning of the message.


Channeling Saint Germain

When I work with the spiritual master Saint Germain, he often assumes the full use of my vocal cords to speak directly to others. There are several factors that allow this to happen..

1. Since I have received communication from the spirit world through clairvoyance, clairaudience, and clairsentience all my life, I am well prepared to be a channel for spirit.

2. After three years of training and many years of experience, I can easily and quickly attune my energies to become passive, open, and accessible to the spirit world.

3. Saint Germain is a spiritual master who is adept at adjusting his own energies to make it possible for him to speak directly through my vocal cords without infringing on my physical or spiritual wellbeing in any way.

4. When a gifted medium said Saint Germain wanted to speak directly through me, the master had already appeared to me in dreams and visions and spoken to me through mediums who didn’t know me or each other. I knew his consistency, kindness, wisdom, and love, so I trusted him completely.

I have learned that Saint Germain lowers his vibrations to come into my body and surrounding earthly frequencies and speak directly through my vocal cords. When this happens, I become passive to the point of being absent, so I could not repeat what he says if my life depended on it.

I have now channeled him for more than twenty years, so it is completely natural and comfortable for me to enter a deep trance state and allow him to speak. Over the years, we have learned to meet each other half way, and we are so close that we can easily cause our energies to vibrate at the same frequency.

Since my first experience of channeling Saint Germain, he has spoken through me during each reading I have given and at many of my presentations.

During public demonstrations of channeling, more than one clairvoyant observer has said they see me step out of my body, often in a blue light, while Saint Germain steps in surrounded by purple to violet light. (Testimonials


The Love and Wisdom of Saint Germain

My work with Saint Germain is subtle, but very real. He exists in the higher dimensions of the spirit world, in a realm more vibrantly beautiful and substantial than the physical world...

When he is present, I always feel his energy of unconditional, sacrificial, and compassionate love. It is so personal and tender that when I come out of a trance, I am often in tears...

Saint Germain speaks with great courtesy and kindness in answering questions each person brings to him. Because he respects each one’s right and responsibility to make the choices in their lives, he is never demanding or overly directive in offering his guidance.

His answers to personal questions often have universal applications to human experience, and examples of his eloquent wisdom are recorded in many of my books.

Many who meet him during a reading with me say they continue to feel Saint Germain’s presence in their lives. As a spiritual master, he is concerned about humanity as a whole, but his love for each person draws him to all who look to him for guidance.

After so many years of work together, I feel so close to Saint Germain that I sometimes don’t know where I end and he begins. He has been a real father and dear friend whom I trust without reservation, and he has changed my life for the better for all time and eternity.