Sharing the Journey

f you are interested in sharing your spiritual journey and your friendship with others, you will be interested in the community that has emerged over many years in response to the outreach efforts of the Philip Burley/Adventures in Mastery (AIM) work.


Beginnings and Fulfillment

Though I was born with spiritual perception, including wide-awake visitations from the spirit world, I was in my forties before I became a full-time professional medium.

In the mid-1980s, while living near Philadelphia, I began my work by traveling 30,000 miles per year, for three years, among major cities on the East Coast, teaching meditation and giving spiritual readings.

Soon after that, I developed journaling classes and three levels of spiritual development classes. Then I began offering classes centered on going within; not just to meditate, but to experience conscious communication with the spirit world and to find God within.

In the mid 1990’s my wife, Vivien, and I were inspired to move to Phoenix, Arizona. There, I continued to give readings, mostly by phone, to people across the country and around the world.


Inspired by those working with me in the spirit world, I also started my own, twice weekly, call-in radio show…

    The Inner View Adventures in Spirit

…where I gave meditations and readings, channeled Saint Germain, and hosted guest speakers, reaching people by the thousands.

Over the years, all of these outreach efforts have helped to foster a community of people held together by a common search for self-mastery—the need and desire to know and live the highest truths, experience the spirit world, and find God within.


A Dream Come True

About halfway into my twenty-seven years of doing this work, an acquaintance who knew nothing about my work wrote to me about a dream she had been instructed to share with me. I was deeply touched and greatly encouraged by the fact that heaven had showed her the spiritual reality of what I was doing. Here is an excerpt from the dream:

imageI saw golden lines going out from you to one person and another person… and from each of them more lines sprouted.... The process repeated and repeated, and you were in the middle of it, all of it connected to you in a certain way, though no one had authority over the whole…. All were caring for each and protecting and guiding each other as friends with different talents and gifts, as part of a larger whole. …I understood from the dream that… now is a time [for you] to reach out to develop horizontal relationships, [through] the golden pipelines… and exert influence of a loving kind… to very far reaches, even through other people. It almost seems like a dance of some sort; a joyful dance of experts… in the security of transmitting God’s benevolence.

Feedback from those who have had a reading, heard a presentation or a radio show, attended a workshop, or taken a class has made me aware that my work has benefitted many. The golden pipelines have been laid with the exact purpose portrayed in the dream: the gathering together of a group where no one is the head, where people are “caring for each and protecting and guiding each other as friends with different talents and gifts, as part of a larger whole….,” entering into “a joyful dance of experts, in the security of transmitting God’s benevolence!”


Why is Community Important?

God lives in each of us, so we are all equally valuable. Because of this, it’s more than possible to love others as much as we love ourselves. It just takes a lot of practice! Most of us have to work, wash the car, grocery shop, tend the kids, and engage in many activities, and we can become so absorbed in the day-to-day responsibilities of our busy lives that we forget essential truths that we all know in quiet moments of reflection. Staying in touch with like-minded people helps remind us that our continued progress on the spiritual path affects everything we do and everyone we care about.

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