Frequently Asked Questions

The first thing to know is that we are all spiritual beings temporarily using our earthly bodies to interact with the physical world. The length of time we are in our body varies from person to person, but when the physical body can no longer exchange energy with the spirit, it dies. At that moment the body ceases to function, but our spiritual self leaves it behind to partake of eternal energy and continue living in the spirit world.

This process has been called “dying,” but it is more accurate to say that we make the transition from our life in our earthly vehicle to our life in the spirit world.

Heaven and hell are states of mind, and when we make our transition from life on earth to life in the spirit world, our state of mind becomes our state of being. Our surrounding environment directly reflects our mind, so if we have lived reasonably unselfishly, for the sake of others, and motivated by love, we will be in an environment of peace and happiness, with other individuals who have lived in the same way.

Once we are living in the spirit world, our state of being is a projection of our mind, though we experience it as a substantial and real external environment. You can easily imagine how heaven comes to exist and how hell comes to exist as the opposite of heaven.

Hell is often associated with fire or darkness, and if these images persist in our minds, we will experience them in the afterlife. They represent the lack of enlightenment and love in the mind and heart and the intense remorse we feel if we misuse our life energies on earth. Like heaven, hell is a state of mind, and as we create our life, so we create our mind.

When we arrive in the spirit world, our surroundings will especially reflect the way we have treated others. If we have treated others in a negative way for enduring periods of time, we will find ourselves in an environment that reflects this.

Similar to heaven, hell is a projection of our mind, but we experience it as substantial and real. If we live in hell on earth by dwelling in negativity and acting selfishly, we will dwell in a realm of lesser light in the spirit world until we gain greater understanding and greater love.

Whenever we focus our mental energies on an object, ideal, or mental picture for a length of time, we enter the beginning stages of meditation, a natural state of being reflecting our God-given nature. Meditation is the means of moving purposely from the outer world of existence to the inner world of mind.

True meditation is based on the retention of objectivity, and when we enter deeper levels of the meditative state we see and experience that we are not the mind but observers of the mind. This allows for deep and profound understanding of the totality of the Self.

The highest motivation in meditation is love—loving the Self, awakening to the Self, and experiencing the Self whose center is divine light, love, and wisdom. God is the core presence within the Self. In fact, the more advanced levels of meditation bring the practitioner into the fully conscious discovery of God’s presence within.

All human beings have the ability to see, hear, and feel the presence of spirit, starting with their own spirit, and silence is the first step. Because the spirit world exists at a higher frequency or vibration than the physical world, it is necessary to silence our minds and emotions to allow higher spirit world manifestations to come into our awareness.

When the spirit beings who work with us experience that we are seeking with serious intent to communicate with them, they will meet us more than half way. If we are consistently available, they will automatically be there. We have but to create the loving environment or conditions for this to happen, often through the practice of meditation.

Whether we know it or not, our guides, teachers, and loved ones are always communicating with us, directly or indirectly, but when we seek to be consciously aware of them, we open ourselves to their presence most specifically. In this situation, back and forth communication is highly possible. Faith, effort, and earnestness are the three key factors in making this possible.

We come to earth with the truth of our lives already within us, including the map of our spiritual path. The initial necessary element is to know ourselves, including our own spirit. Without knowing ourselves and understanding spirituality in general, we cannot discover the information that is already present within us.

The more we know ourselves, through multiple means, the more it becomes clear who we are, where we came from, why we are here, and where we are going. Ample self inquiry through means such as prayer, meditation, journaling, and reflection, leads us to self-evident answers to our questions. This is the most important reason to know ourselves.

The key to the answer to this question lies in the word law. Spiritual attainment, including the drawing of desirable things to ourselves, is fulfilled through divine love. The simple answer to the question is this: What we give out is what we get back; and divine love provides that there is an abundance of creation available for the asking. In addition to sowing correctly, we must affirm that what we are seeking will be manifested if it is truly in our best interests or the best interests of others.

If you do not realize that the one whom you love continues to exist in the spirit world after death, you experience the emotional trauma of feeling separated. But if you are spiritually aware, there is no such thing as separation from your loved one. Your relationship continues to exist, to be nurtured, and to grow; and you perceive your loved one’s face, voice, and presence in a variety of ways. When you leave the earth plane, you and your beloved will be reunited in oneness, providing true love exists between you.

It is also important to understand that we came to earth as single individuals because we contain all that is necessary for existence, including the very presence of the living God. The need to love and be loved is what creates the desire to be in relationship with a person, an animal, or even some valued inanimate object. But the error in thinking is that we do not realize that we are love.

When we turn inward through the consistent practice of meditation, we will eventually come into the place within ourselves where we find all the love that we need. The source of all love is always within us, so we need never fear being separated from love.

Our sincere, intentional prayer for ourselves or others is one way to expand and direct positive energy outward from ourselves, and such energy always benefits us as well as the object of our prayer. It also provides energy that may be used by higher beings in the spirit world to help them influence people and events for good.

It is good to pray with no fixed idea about outcomes, because we have no way of knowing what is best on the deepest, sometimes invisible level of reality. Still, in all cases, our positive prayer energy spiritually benefits us and the object of our prayer, regardless of external results.

Humanity has come to separate prayerful or religious life from everyday life, but the truth is that we are always praying. True prayer is the heart’s utterance—the truth of our own minds and hearts. We may not call it prayer, but it is prayer.

Because we are ever emitting the vibrations of our thoughts and feelings, we are constantly sending this energy into the universe. According to spiritual law, we will get back the same kind of energy we put out, and this, in essence is what prayer is.

Once we understand this, it becomes imperative to give out the highest and best possible thoughts and feelings under all circumstances, whether we are formally praying or not. Then we cannot help but eventually receive back the highest and best response from the universe or God.

Wise men have said the greatest truth is to know yourself. If we know ourselves, truly know our Self, we cannot help but know God.

The quickest and most effective way to know ourselves is through entering the silence of meditation and experiencing the truth of who we are. When we enter the center of ourselves, we may be surprised to find God waiting there; surprised to feel a new self-understanding and deep compassion for ourselves as we bathe in the light and love that we are. Once we have this experience, we are never the same. We have begun to learn that our true Self is not different from God. I came into these truths by direct experience in my own spiritual life, and I can speak of them without a moment’s hesitation.

Yes, God is personally aware of you, just as you are aware of your own offspring as needs be. As we have an invisible mind and a visible body, so does God. The mind and heart of God are both invisible, but they are accessible within each of us. That is why we are called the living temples of God. The outward manifestation of God is the creation, God’s body. God is all there is, and is therefore contained in all and surrounding all.

As you direct your character and personality toward one or many people at once, your body runs autonomously and does not need you to consciously attend to it. So it is with God. Humanity is the object of God’s love, and the focus of his attention. Creation is the environment in which he has placed humankind. It runs autonomously according to natural laws based upon divine love, and it needs no conscious attention from God unless he desires to give it attention.

God exists both outside and inside of you. As I’ve said, God is all there is, and he is contained in all and surrounding all. Therefore, he is within you, where he is imminently accessible through prayer and meditation, and he is outside of you, surrounding all and sustaining all through his energy of love.

Because God is love, he is inextricably involved in human existence. There are no exceptions. Because his presence is in each human being, how can he not be involved? By manifesting through human beings, he carries out his will universally. Some things occur as the result of natural and spiritual law created by God, so he does not orchestrate every human event. But because we are part of God and he is part of us, he cannot help but be affected by whatever affects us. As St. Paul said, “Nothing, not even death, can separate us from the love of God…”

As with many other human events, natural disasters happen according to natural physical and spiritual law, so God does not have to be directly involved. Human beings are co-creators with God, but they have not understood the power of individual and cumulative human thought. Where do we think the energy from all of the wars in human history has gone? Where do we think the accumulated negative thought forms in human history have gone? How do we think universal spiritual law reacts to the misuse or the right use of life’s energy?

Some, but not all, natural catastrophes result directly from what humanity has sown individually and collectively throughout human existence. On the other hand, nature is a living reality not without its own consciousness, operating on the basis of need, just as human beings do. So at times nature manifests energies in varying forms that are nothing more than the meeting of nature’s need.

Even as human beings live and die, every atom of the physical universe has its lifetime and life cycle, and nothing in physical creation exists forever. Change is ongoing and perpetual. Without this grasp of physical life in relation to eternal life, we are likely to misunderstand and misjudge certain physical phenomena that take place on earth.

As the invisible mind takes precedence over the physical body, so the invisible spirit world takes precedence over the physical world. Very much a part of the spirit world, the angelic world was created before the physical world.

Angels have never had physical bodies but work purely as extensions of the heart, mind, and will of God. As God’s direct agents, they carry out various aspects of his desire, acting in exact accordance with divine will. Because of the nature of their hearts and minds, the appearance of angels is similar to the appearance of God.

As part of fulfilling their reason for being, two angels belonging to the angelic hierarchy are assigned to each of us at birth to oversee our entire life. After we make our transition into the spirit world, our assigned angels will eventually meet and greet us.

In general, our angels are always present, available, alert, and ready to guide and protect us. Together with our human spirit guides, they work continuously to help us carry out our life’s existence.

Regarding protection from physical harm, it is case by case, depending on our personal spiritual record and its debits and credits. If for some reason we owe karma for wrong done to someone else, those guiding us cannot prevent whatever needs to happen to balance the spiritual accounting record. In other words, if we have unjustly hurt someone and have not made recompense, we may likewise suffer to pay that karmic debt.

There are times when very good people face great difficulties in life. This can be because of karma that exists in the larger scheme of things, where the reasons are known only when we make our transition into the spirit world.

No matter what your own karmic circumstances may be, your angels and guides will always be there to assist, support, and comfort you, regardless of what trials occur in your life. They want nothing more than your highest good, and they work tirelessly to help you to bring that about.

Peace or the lack of it is a direct reflection of the peace or lack of peace in each individual. The whole world experiences war because of the war within human beings. External war is a direct manifestation of this inner war within us. To have peace on earth, to stop war on earth, each of us must find permanent peace and the absence of all war within ourselves. Not until enough of humanity finds inner peace and lives accordingly can peace exist in the world at large.

Sometimes a person stops breathing or the heart stops beating for a certain number of minutes, and the spirit moves away from the body. Such occurrences are called near-death experiences. When the body is in a passive, unconscious state, it is possible for the spirit to become aware of existing apart from the body, observing all that is happening to the body, while hearing, seeing, and feeling all that is happening in spirit.

Near-death experiences often take place in relation to a dramatic or traumatic event. In the case of an operative procedure, for example, the spirit may stay in the area and look down upon the doctors working on the body or go further to literally visit a loved one or meet with a spiritual master such as Buddha or Jesus. This happens in real time, and it is not a dream.

During our lives on earth, our spirits are attached to our bodies by a frequency of light similar to a laser beam, and this has been called the silver cord. Through this beam of light, we remain connected to our bodies during near-death experiences or any out-of-body experience. The silver cord has an elasticity that allows us to travel greater or lesser distances from our physical body and return when needed.

We can leave our body at will while awake but most out-of-body experiences take place at night while we are sleeping. We go into realms of the spirit world closest to our own level of spiritual development, or for learning purposes, visit lesser or higher realms assisted by our spirit guides. When the body is immobile or inert, it is natural for the spirit to temporarily move away.

Unless you have an out-of-body experience while conscious, you cannot truly determine that you have had one. However, there is a universal experience where, as we drift off to sleep, our body suddenly jerks, and we find ourselves wide awake. What is this phenomenon? The spirit drifts out of the body as we fall asleep and for various reasons suddenly returns, creating the falling sensation that jerks us awake again.

Because of bent or practice, some can consciously leave the physical body while awake and occasionally travel into the spiritual world or even to other parts of the world to help or aid those in need. It is what they do; it is their gift, and they use it consciously.

The ultimate meaning of enlightenment is to come into the light that you are. This light, which is the presence of God, exists at the center of every human being; therefore, enlightenment is not the result of the accumulation of knowledge, though it may help, but of the practice of meditation.

When consistently practiced, with the cooperation of the spirit world, meditation can bring each one of us to that core light. Once we obtain this level of spiritual development and awareness, often referred to as the super-conscious level of mind, we see all of life from the highest perspective. We see as God sees. Then we understand who we are, where we came from, why we are here, and where we are going.

This experience is the greatest gift and the highest spiritual awareness. All other spiritual gifts stem from this highest realization. We experience that there is one energy, one light, one love, and that we, as individual human beings, are extensions of all that God is. Once we have this experience, we are never the same, and we never go back to what we have been. It is a door, once opened, that can never be closed.

Ghosts are individuals who have left their bodies but have not transcended in the spirit world beyond the earth plane. This is usually because their desire, attachment, and ignorance of the spirit world keep them attached to earth, usually in their former surroundings. Many of them do not realize they are dead.

Because of their conviction that they are still alive, ghosts are intensely present in the earth sphere, able to lower their vibration to the point where they can be seen by the physical eyes of those still on earth. Others remain invisible, but they too can be seen or experienced by those with clairvoyant or clairaudient abilities. While ghosts are often thought to be something to fear, many are benevolent. They are simply caught in a state of mind that attaches them to earth because of their lack of awareness and understanding.

What is the fate of such spirits? If they can be receptive, even to a small degree, they may complete their transition into the spirit world assisted by loved ones, angels, guides, and teachers already in spirit. The prayers of earthly loved ones may also provide energy to help them on their way. Finally, mediumistic people on earth sometimes inform them of their circumstances and encourage them to let go of their attachment to earth.

While it is the ultimate fate of all to fully enter the spirit world at their own level of spiritual development, some spirits remain “ghosts” for long periods of time because of persistent spiritual blindness. This is one reason it is so important for people to understand as much as possible about the spirit world before leaving the body.

As it is on earth, so it is in the spirit world, and love or the lack of it is the ruling principle. Those we have loved on earth we will see again in the spirit world, and we will be as close to them in love as we were on earth. If there are people we have known but not loved, we may see them again but with no more closeness than we shared on earth, and we may not occupy the same spiritual realm.

Love obeys the law of sowing and reaping; therefore, as we have loved and been loved on earth, so we will love and be loved in the spirit world. In the true sense of the word, our family in the spirit world will be those whom we have genuinely loved who have genuinely loved us in return.

Religions are man-made, whereas true religion is love. While many loving people are devoted to various religious beliefs and practices, some who call themselves religious have not loved others as themselves. If we have truly loved others as ourselves, we have touched the height and depth of God’s love. Whether or not we go to church, tithe, or participate in the rituals of any religion, when it comes to loving others we may fall short, and if we were religious on earth without truly loving others, we will not find ourselves in the highest realms when we arrive in the spirit world.

Those in some realms of the spirit world surround themselves with the beliefs and concepts they were attached to on earth, continuing to define themselves according to their religion, even continuing to practice religious rituals. But the religion of those in the highest realms is love. There is no separation or distinction reflecting any religion we did or did not practice on earth. If we have loved others as we have loved ourselves, and we lived our lives this way, then we have loved as God loves. As a result, we cannot help but be in the realms of love, or with God.