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Meditation Classes…

Can positively affect your life
by helping you to…

ower your stress levels
mprove your health
ind inner peace
xperience spiritual awakening

Meditation’s Timeless Value


editation is as old as humankind because it is a natural state meditation of being. You meditate some part of every day, even if you call it something meditation else. When you daydream, watch the sunset, or close your eyes as you listen to music, you enter a meditative state to some degree, and this is confirmed by scientifically-measured brainwave frequencies.

Throughout history, meditation has been a mystical practice used to achieve inner awareness, including seeing, hearing, and meditation feeling the spirit world.

Today, meditation is used for relaxation, stress management, and improved health; but it’s most profound application is in moving you from the outer physical world of existence to the inner world of mind and beyond—into pure spiritual awareness.



The Ultimate Rewards of Meditation

At deeper levels, meditation can…



Lead you to experience that you are not the mind but the observer of the mind.

It can awaken you to the totality of the Self, its inextricable relationship with Divinity, and…

The conscious discovery of God’s presence within.


Ultimately, you can realize oneness:


In March 2006, after practicing meditation for twenty-six years, I was humbled and blessed by a direct and complete knowing that we and God are one.

“Philip Burley” disappeared, and I was nowhere to be found. I was a being of infinite light and love, and everything that existed within the universe existed within me.

Words cannot truly convey the beauty and majesty of the whole experience but after remaining in this universal state of being for about twenty-five minutes my life was changed forever. The great value of consistent meditation was realized!

I do not share this experience to boast. I am not special. Rather, I share it to say, if I can have such an experience—one spoken of by a number of mystics—then everyone can. It came upon me not as something I was striving for or was necessarily worthy of, but by the grace philip of God.

It also may have come, in part, based upon how my life began and continues to unfold:  Born with heightened spiritual sensitivity, I have had lifelong experiences with beings from the spirit world who have visited me continually since I was a young child.

Today, I am an established medium who has given thousands of spiritual readings and taught meditation for over twenty years.

Meditation is the means by which I gained a disciplined ability to use my spiritual senses, and it is the means by which I continue to maintain and expand my spiritual gifts.


Adventures in Mastery Approach to

M  e  d  i  t  a  t  i  o  n:

Begins with learning to observe your own mind, one of the richest man experiences you can have;

Proceeds with the practice of inner visualization to open the door to the spirit world, and…

Leads to an encounter with your highest self, or God.



Your Goals

The quickest way to achieve spiritual self-mastery is through consistent, comprehensive meditation. Whether you are already practicing or just beginning, there is endless potential to deepen your spiritual awareness. The first step is to ask yourself why you want to do this:

Improved health and stress manmanagement,

Your own personal spiritual development, or…

To become a confident, well- prepared professional

Whether you want to improve your health, increase your spiritual awareness or be a medium, meditation is an invaluable and absolutely necessary practice for those who aspire to achieve Self Realization and God Realization.


Benefits of Working with a Group

Learning and practicing the principles of meditation with a group has many benefits:


Greater enjoymentIt’s more fun!

Learning what works for classmates

Hearing answers to questions of others, and…

Sharing experiences with like-minded people



Benefits of Taking a Class with Philip!

There are specific and unique benefits to taking a meditation class with an experienced teacher who is well-established in the art of meditation:

philipPhilip gained his spiritual
experience and knowledge
through three years of training in
classical mediumship, the
consistent practice of meditation,
and spiritual service over many
years as a teacher and medium.
You will benefit from his
experience, and with concerted
you gain knowledge
and awareness in a much shorter
than it took for Philip to
acquire them.

Spiritual master Saint Germain
and other loving masters from the
spirit world surround and
accompany Philip when he
teaches a class or gives a
You will benefit from the
presence of these august spiritual
who attend the classes each time you meet.


Wherever you are in your spiritual walk… consider and vividly imagine the possibility of realizing your fullest potential in this lifetime!



Let our innovative approach to meditation help you fully discover your own unique path to self-mastery!



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