The Story of Spiritual Medium, Author, Teacher, and Channeler of Saint Germain, Philip Burley Highlights | Philip Burley

Philip's Story—Highlights

Philip Burley was born on Thanksgiving Day, 1939, in Ft. Wayne, Indiana.

He began having bedside visitations with spiritual beings when he was just four years old. Over the years, he has had many spirit world encounters with spiritual masters, religious leaders, historical figures, and other beings of great love.

In the late 1980s, Philip studied classical mediumship for three years. For a quarter of a century, he has given thousands of readings for people from every walk of life. (How to Get a Reading)

Philip’s relationship with God is the foundation of his spiritual life and his work as a medium. Consequently, his work is focused on helping people awaken to a greater awareness of God and the spirit world.

Through his consistent practice of prayer and meditation, his extensive encounters with spiritual masters, and his life experience, Philip has learned that mastery of oneself is the key to a deepening relationship with God. This path of self-discipline and surrender is the true path of self-mastery.

In 1986, he first met Saint Germain, the ascended spiritual master he channels, after reading a book about him, Unveiled Mysteries, by Guy Ballard. For more than twenty years, Saint Germain has spoken directly through Philip’s vocal cords to many individuals and audiences. (Read more about Channeling)

For a number of years, Philip hosted his own radio show, The Inner View—Adventures in Spirit, heard throughout Arizona and worldwide on the Internet. He has appeared as a special guest at conferences and on radio and television.

He is the author of several books, including To Master Self is to Master Life, The Gift of Mediumship, The Wisdom of Saint Germain, The Spirit World, Heart’s Healing, and others. (Explore Philip’s Books)

Philip lives in Phoenix, Arizona, where he continues to write, give readings, and conduct classes in meditation, spiritual development, and mediumship. He and his wife Vivien enjoy frequent visits with their three children and seven grandchildren.