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What a Spiritual Reading Can Do for You...

Meet Medium
Philip Burley

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Spiritual Master
Saint Germain

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A reading is a personal encounter with the spirit world, where you can get answers, receive guidance, and experience true love and healing. You may have important questions about children, health, relationships, work, or life transitions. They will often be answered in the general reading before you even ask.

A centrally important question is this: “Where am I on my spiritual path, and what is the best way to move forward? You will receive messages that may be of great help in raising your awareness of who you are and what many experiences of your life really mean.

Each reading is unique, but in most cases, you will have a direct conversation with spiritual master, Saint Germain, who will speak to you through my vocal cords, especially about your deepest questions.

You may be among those who experience profound emotional or even physical healing, especially in the presence of Saint Germain. He comes with selfless love, great compassion, and an extraordinary awareness of your life and what you most need to hear.

You may learn who your guides and master teachers are, enabling you to relate to them in your private meditations and reflections.

While I share with you only what I actually see, hear, and feel from spirit, I often receive messages from loved ones on the other side. This comforting connection provides evidence that life goes on, and the bonds of love are forever.

Your loved ones in spirit, like your guides and teachers, may speak from a high level of awareness and bring messages important to spiritual growth.

Who appears in your reading is determined by many factors, including the degree of love shared between you and the beings who surround you—your spirit guides and loved ones on the other side.

How to Prepare For a Reading

The best approach is to have positive expectations and an open heart and mind. You will receive a recording of your reading, so you will have ample opportunity to review the information and consider its importance to your life.

Why I Love My Work

The people I serve are a precious part of my life, and I have seen thousands of lives changed for the better as a result of the love, healing, and wisdom received through spiritual readings.



How to Request a Spiritual Reading with Philip...

Email Philip at: PB@PhilipBurley.com to say that you are interested in a reading. [Include “Reading” in the Subject Line of the email.] Include:

  • Your name
  • Contact phone numbers
  • Best time (day or evening) to call you…

Philip’s office will then call you to go over basic details such as cost, means of payment, and preparation. You’ll also have the opportunity to schedule an appointment.

After setting your appointment, you will receive an email with an electronic booklet, How to Prepare for a Spiritual Reading with Philip Burley. It contains all the information you need to prepare for your reading.

Readings are usually conducted over the telephone. A recording of your session will be sent to you promptly.