About Philip

While speaking to the radio audience:

“Can spirit voices on the other side have the ability … to tap into certain individuals here on earth so that humanity might be helped? Yes! That’s the kind of man that Philip Burley is. I’m looking at Philip’s aura, ladies and gentlemen… He has a brilliant aura—an expansion of blue like I have never seen! But the thing that goes with it is that it is topped by a very fine line of gold. In my whole life I have only seen a fine line of gold around four other people! I have had audiences with Pope John and Sai Baba and all types of holy people. I am deeply impressed.”

 Frank Baranowski, PhD, clinical hypnotist, clairvoyant authority on the human aura, and eleven-year host of “Mysteries Around Us,” KTAR Radio, Phoenix, AZ, October 2001


His work is about fulfilling the purpose of our lives...

“Philip Burley is a man of deep sincerity, depth of skill, and great clarity. His dedication is centered in the awareness that the Spirit indwells us all, and his work is about calling that presence forth so we may live to fulfill the purpose of our lives. I highly recommend him as a helper on anyone's spiritual quest.”

Rev. Bruce K.
Ordained Minister


Wise speaker, amazing author... an extraordinary light...

“When we have metaphysical guests on our radio show, Philip Burley consistently comes up as one of our favorites. Not only is he a profoundly wise speaker and metaphysical instructor, but an amazing author. His books are a deep reflection and expression of his own body of work, and of our dear Saint Germain. Indeed, Philip Burley is one of the most extraordinary lights to have ever graced our planet.”

Joyce K.
Radio Talk Show Host


Heightened spiritual awareness…

“Philip’s life gives us an example of how we too can experience heightened spiritual awareness in spite of having to live in the ‘real’ world. At the same time, it reflects a more open-hearted and consistent devotion to God, truth, and love than most us ever achieve.”

Anne E., MSW
Social Worker

Brightness and clarity of light…

“My first experience with Philip Burley came as I sat in the audience of a large spiritual conference. I was immediately impressed by his brightness and the clarity of light emanating out of his person. I felt his honesty, sincerity, and dedication to speaking the truth, and I knew I was in for a treat from a true mystic and teacher… I saw his aura expand and become even more radiant. A host of angels, spiritual guides, and masters stood all around him in full support of his mission. When Philip announced he would be channeling Saint Germain, he was immediately cloaked in the most beautiful violet and golden cape of energy from above and directly behind him... I watched in rapt attention as the soul we call Philip lifted out of his physical body upward and toward his left, and the soul we know as Saint Germain entered into his body. The harmonious energies of these two great souls lifted the spirit of the entire auditorium to a new level of consciousness and healing.”

Michael T.
Teacher, Healer,
Clairvoyant and Author


About Spiritual Readings

Spot on information from my father...

“When I had a reading from Philip, my dad came through and said, ‘Tell her I can breathe now.’ My dad was a lifelong smoker who was walking around with an oxygen tank barely able to breathe when he died. I had never spoken to Philip about my family, and if I had any doubts about his credibility or ability to communicate with the spirit world, they were gone when this spot-on information from my father came through.”

Marti S.
Thirty-year Practitioner,
Transcendental Meditation


A master at what he does...

“Since losing my son in 2005, I have had two very helpful consultations with Philip. They deepened and strengthened my own spiritual process, and they were the clearest experiences I have known in working with any kind of psychic reader. Philip is certainly a master at what he does.”

Hal S., PhD


The annual gift of a reading...

“I now give myself the annual gift of a reading with Philip... My own spiritual advancement has been exponential because of these precious encounters, and I am eternally grateful.”

Heather Rose P.


Presence of my beloved mother…

“Philip’s reading for me was deeply meaningful. He felt the presence of my beloved mother soon after she made her transition to the spirit world, and I was very grateful to receive her words from the other side.”

Marie W.
Wellness Coach


A guidepost…

“Each reading has been a guidepost enabling me to take another giant step forward on my inward journey to God. The grace that I received through spirit has left me with a source of power, energy, and understanding of life, filling me with inspiration, guidance, and an ongoing sense of who I am and what I came to earth to accomplish … The clarity, gentle guidance, and profound love that I experienced infused me with enough residual energy to carry me through many months... I feel a deep and profound gratitude to Philip for being such a clear and pure vessel as a bridge between the two worlds.”

Mark R.
Choreographer, Dance Instructor
Certified Yoga, Tai Chi and Qi Gong Teacher


A beautiful gift on my life journey...

“My spiritual reading with Philip Burley was a beautiful gift on my life journey! Philip relayed to me the presence and messages of my husband, of my beloved father, mother, siblings (including a sister with whom I shared many years in a community of Franciscan sisters), friends, guides, teachers, and spiritual masters. Their words, together with Philip’s, banished several anxieties that had troubled me for years, and gave me new optimism about the future. I wholeheartedly recommend having such a reading, not just upon the loss of a loved one, but at any time of life.”

Therese S., EdD


Testament to his spiritual maturity, integrity, and dedication...

“The power and clarity with which Saint Germain speaks through Philip are testaments not only to the master’s level of enlightenment, but also to the spiritual maturity, integrity, and dedication of Philip Burley. What comes through the channel can be only as good as the capabilities of the medium allow it to be... and grace and wisdom permeate Philip’s channeling.”

Michael T.
Teacher, Healer,
Clairvoyant and Author


I recommend this experience...

“My reading with Philip Burley was amazing. Though I like to think I have a healthy degree of skepticism regarding paranormal events, he provided details of my life, wherein the truth of what he said could not be denied. I recommend this experience to anyone who has a heartfelt desire for spiritual direction and for answers to questions about his or her soul's work on this physical plane.”

Catherine N.


Best I have ever received…

“Philip’s readings are the best I have ever received. They are filled with deep compassion and true inspiration. It has been so very special to be able to connect so intimately with Saint Germain.”

Yanni M.


My life took a completely different path...

“At thirty-four, I was virtually living in a gray fog, lost and scared not just for myself, but for my daughter. I was in my third terrible and sad marriage, and kept making the same mistakes. I drove fourteen hours numerous times for readings with Philip, and I was healed. Because of the messages of Jesus Christ and Saint Germain channeled through Philip, my life took a completely different path. I went from rags to riches and from fear to inner and outer light. I finished my doctorate degree, moved 3,000 miles, and started over. I am forever grateful for what I call ‘Heavenly Magic.’”

Robin J., PhD
Health Care Professional


Deep insight and personal guidance from Saint Germain...

“My recent reading with Philip included rich and loving communications from the other side, with deep insight and personal guidance from Saint Germain and others of his circle. Philip’s self-awareness and work are such that his “filters” are minimal, allowing Spirit to come through cleanly and clearly, so that the caliber of the message is obviously high. I have listened to my recorded reading on a number of occasions and continue to be guided and warmly supported on ever-deeper levels.”

Barbara T.
Energetic Healer and Teacher


The experience was just spectacular...

“I had a most wonderful reading from Philip several years ago. Saint Germain came through and personally talked to me, and that experience was just spectacular. My wife Amy is currently on the waiting list to receive a reading from Philip because she was so amazed at what he brought through for me. One more time, Philip, thank you so much for your great works. Namaste.”

Patrick K.


About Philip’s Books

Illuminates the power of love...

“As an author and practicing psychologist who works with those who are ill and grieving, I highly recommend Philip Burley’s books to assist you in your spiritual and intuitive development and healing journey. The legacy of Philip’s work is that it illuminates the power of love, while providing us all with the hope we need to live our lives with dignity, integrity, and joy.”

Susan A., MA
Author, Licensed Psychologist &
Certified School Psychologist


Inspiration and support…

“I have found great comfort in Philip's books and could write about how each has influenced my spiritual journey. During meditation and prayer, I always read several of Philip's meaningful poems from The Hum of Heaven. As I search for God within, I find inspiration and support from the depth, truth, and sincerity of his poems.”

Diane M.
Retired Teacher and Author


Most accurate work of its kind…

“Through my extensive research on publications about the spiritual world, I have found that Philip's recent book, The Spirit World, Where Love Reigns Supreme, is the most accurate work of its kind.”

John P.
Author, Educator


Completely genuine…

“I am convinced without a doubt that Philip's clear mediumship and work with Saint Germain are completely genuine. It is my observation that Philip embodies much if not all of what Saint Germain represents and teaches. The books he has written are powerful, inspiring examples of his work in tandem with Saint Germain.”

Raphaelle T.
Spiritual Counselor and
Healing Practitioner


Always relevant, helpful and uplifting…

The Wisdom of Saint Germain is one of my favorite books for getting quick and meaningful insights on spiritual themes and aspects of daily living. I am delighted to have this collection of fifty-two brief excerpts of channeled messages from Saint Germain for easy reference. No matter what my current situation is, Saint Germain's words are always relevant, helpful and uplifting for me.”

Dale I., PhD


Filled with practical wisdom...

“ Many years ago I read A Wanderer in the Spirit Lands and To Master Self is to Master Life. These books have continued to serve me with timeless wisdom and guidance. I recently ordered The Wisdom of Saint Germain, The Gift of Mediumship, and A Legacy of Love, Volume One, and I am reading all three simultaneously! Reading these books is like eating spiritual candy, and I can hardly put them down. Each is filled with practical wisdom, and I have been deeply encouraged to pursue my own path toward realizing God within me.”

Mari C., CHt, MIM
Certified Hypnotist and
Intuitive Counselor


Pure delight...

“I have read several of Philip’s books that were pure delight, and I would highly recommend his work to others.“

Shirley M.


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