The Lotus

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flowerhe lotus symbolically represents the entire process of birth, life on earth, and life in the spirit world. In the Far East it has long been used to represent the cycle of our existence from birth to death.

The spirit we are is forever. We are born into this limited dimension called earth to inhabit a physical body so that through this experience we learn lessons necessary for spiritual growth. We come to earth to gain understanding of ourselves, life, and God—our Source.

Through life experience we build our character, and it is the quality of our character that we take with us when we leave our body. This quality is manifested in the clarity and brightness of our spirit both while we are in the body and after we vacate it.

We do not die. When our body, with its limited capacity, ceases to function, of necessity and by design, we automatically leave it to dwell in a higher, rarer, and limitless dimension called the spirit world.

Through a process we call death, but more accurately labeled transition, we move from earthly existence into the world of spirit. We enter completely the place from which we came and continue to exist with our Creator and all who have made the journey before us.

To the degree that we have achieved spiritual growth, we have achieved spiritual self-mastery, and the hallmark of spiritual self-mastery is love. We inhabit our eternal dwelling place at varying levels according to our quality of character, and we live among those who have attained a similar quality.

We do not live in a static state, as our spiritual growth continues throughout eternity. We continue to grow because our capacity to love expands forever. We grow as we further develop our ability to love others as we love ourselves. Once we are in the spirit world, our growth takes place through loving service to others who dwell there and to those who remain on earth, including our loved ones.

flower2The lotus begins its journey beneath the water in darkness, symbolizing the mystery of life, even as a child begins its journey in the womb, in water, shrouded in darkness, not knowing how it got there, why it is there, or what lies ahead.

A baby is born into the denser atmosphere called earth to fulfill its life’s purpose of spiritual self-mastery by learning the lessons of love: proper self love and loving others as self.

Our entire time on earth is for this one purpose: to gain spiritual self-mastery and create the eternal quality of our character.

flower 3 There we continue our spiritual growth, attaining an ever-increasing capacity to love as we live and have our eternal being, basking in the love and light of God.