Adventures In Mastery

Founded In 1986 By Philip Burley

Saint Germain taught me how to master life by
learning to master my thoughts. He taught me that

To Master Self is to Master Life

Are you a serious spiritual seeker? Curious about the spirit world? Whatever brought you here, we hope you will enjoy learning more about Philip Burley’s work and, perhaps, your own spiritual journey.



As a medium and teacher for more than 37 years, Philip has given inspirational readings to thousands and presented master classes in meditation for therapeutic purposes and as the path to finding God within. He has been a featured speaker at events across the country, and his popular radio show, “The Inner View, Adventures in Spirit,” reached listeners around the world.

Philip is publisher and author of thirteen books that describe aspects of the spirit world with clarity and authority. Two of his best-loved works are introduced below, and others are available in the STORE.

Philip is a uniquely gifted medium who uses clairvoyance and clairaudience to see and hear spirit. He uses clairsentience to discern inner realities by feeling emotions and knowing facts in a flash of insight. His mediumship abilities combine to help him understand much about his clients, which greatly enhances their experience in receiving a reading.

He credits his gifts to his lifelong pursuit of God, which remains the focus of his life and work. Many consider Philip to be as much mystic as medium.

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What people are saying about Philip Burley

While speaking to the radio audience:

“Can spirit voices on the other side have the ability … to tap into certain individuals here on earth so that humanity might be helped? Yes! That’s the kind of man that Philip Burley is. I’m looking at Philip’s aura, ladies and gentlemen… He has a brilliant aura—an expansion of blue like I have never seen! But the thing that goes with it is that it is topped by a very fine line of gold. In my whole life I have only seen a fine line of gold around four other people! I have had audiences with Pope John and Sai Baba and all types of holy people. I am deeply impressed.”

Frank Baranowski
PhD, clinical hypnotist, clairvoyant authority on the human aura, and eleven-year host of “Mysteries Around Us,” KTAR Radio, Phoenix, AZ

Wise speaker, amazing author… an extraordinary light…

“When we have metaphysical guests on our radio show, Philip Burley consistently comes up as one of our favorites. Not only is he a profoundly wise speaker and metaphysical instructor, but an amazing author. His books are a deep reflection and expression of his own body of work, and of our dear Saint Germain. Indeed, Philip Burley is one of the most extraordinary lights to have ever graced our planet.”

Joyce K.
Radio Talk Show Host