About Philip Burley’s Books

A quick reality check…

“To Master Self is to Master Life provides priceless gifts of insight. I keep this book within arm’s reach to be used as a quick reality check. The wisdom of its words is validated in my experience as my life continues to unfold. The title sums up what is definitely one of life’s highest truths: To Master Self is to Master Life.”

Lisa D.
Certified Nutritional Consultant

A clear guide…

“To Master Self is to Master Life is a wonderfully clear guide to understanding and mastering the Self, allowing for a spiritually directed and inspired life. It is one of the best books of its kind.”

Dale I., PhD

Answered many questions…

“I have had a wonderful experience reading Philip Burley’s books, especially The Gift of Mediumship. It answered many of my questions about Philip’s profound experiences with spirit.”

Nancy H.

What really matters in life…

“The Gift of Mediumship is about what really matters in life—how to invest our God-given energy in daily actions of value and purpose. It is liberating to know that my daily attitudes, thoughts, and actions are the deciding factor in determining where I will be when I move on to the other side… Philip’s books bring more than understanding; they nurture the soul.”

R. D.

Not able to put it down…

“On a recent trip, I brought along The Spirit World, Where Love Reigns Supreme, and I was not able to put it down… I am buying four more copies for friends and keeping the other two in my office. My second mother passed away last week, and after reading Philip’s book, I feel fabulous knowing she is happy, safe, and embraced by the light.”

Robin J., PhD
Health Care Professional

Among the best of the body, mind, and spirit genre…

“A book among the best of the body, mind, and spirit genre, Heart’s Healing weaves together insights from the fields of psychology and energy and the author’s personal experience. The book makes a rich contribution to the contemporary dialog regarding life and the afterlife. Speaking to the mind and to the heart as it does, Heart’s Healing will be of value to students as well as those confronted with end of life issues.”

Therese S., EdD