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Individual Readings

Philip’s readings, given mostly by phone, are known for their accuracy and life-changing healing effects. With compassion, wisdom, and respect, Saint Germain often speaks directly through Philip’s vocal cords to answer questions. Philip provides a link to a free downloadable recording, so you can relax during your reading and focus on the experience.

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On Wings of Love, a Healing Meditation Circle

Serving others is a cornerstone of spiritual growth. On Wings of Love invites you to gather on a conference call with like-minded people and thousands more in the spirit world to send loving energies to a nation and planet in urgent need of healing. In this circle, you will learn, through meditation and visualization, to direct healing energies to the world, your loved ones, and yourself, as you participate in a valuable service project.

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Books, guided meditations, and meditation music

The parent company that oversees Philip Burley’s work is Adventures in Mastery, or AIM, LLC. Its motto is to inspire, educate, and inform those who want to know more about God within, meditation, mediumship, healing, and the spirit world. Mastery Press, the publishing branch of AIM, is the means for Philip to reach out and fulfill the mission of the organization.

Those who live in the world of spirit have wisdom that can guide us toward what is most important. Philip’s print and audio books contain life-changing messages from spirit, especially from Saint Germain, and information about Philip’s experience with the spirit world and his development as a medium.

From a spiritual perspective, Philip has written about contemporary topics such as death and dying, depression, suicide, and caring for a loved one with dementia. He has published intriguing books by other mediums, including the detailed story of a prominent passenger on the Titanic.

A book of major significance includes a carefully prepared record of Philip’s collaboration with a skilled hypnotist to channel messages from 20 historically important figures. To read more about this special book, Voices of Love from the Light, visit the book’s dedicated website. To view all of Philip’s books, visit our website STORE.


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Philip’s classes are designed to help you progressively develop your own ability to see, hear, and sense your teachers, guides, and loved ones in the spirit world. You will gain experience, knowledge, and understanding that will enhance your life now and help you prepare for your transition to life in the spirit world.

The I AM Circle

The I AM Circle is Philip’s concluding contribution to the world of meditation. Drawn from his personal spiritual life experience, Philip shares how to achieve the highly coveted and ultimate state of oneness with the Creator while still on Earth. It is, for the student, an opportunity to experience the supreme state of consciousness and the dawning of ultimate Reality.

There are no prerequisites for this series of classes, and anyone with an open heart and mind may attend. This knowledge and exquisite spiritual experience may change your life for the better and forever.

Special Events

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Out of the Blue

In these popular group readings, Philip gives brief messages for teleconference participants selected at random. Whether or not you receive a personal reading, you will benefit from words that have universal meaning. Experience a medium in action and be renewed, uplifted, and very certain that you too have spirit guides and teachers ever ushering you on your spiritual walk.

Saint Germain Speaks

Because Philip and Saint Germain have worked as a team for more than 35 years, Philip is easily able to become completely passive and allow the spiritual master to step in. In these teleconference events, Saint Germain speaks directly to deliver words of timeless wisdom to those gathered. Many are moved to tears of gratitude and relief because of the welcome impact of the spiritual master’s words and presence.