Welcome to the “EXTRAS” portion of my website. It covers specific topics related to the practice of mediumship and spiritual awareness. A website is a snapshot of its subject, and this section is provided to extend and complement the information on other pages.

There are subtleties and nuances in the process of spirit communication and a never-ending opportunity to experience and understand more. It is my greatest hope that you will find all the writings informative, inspiring, and verifiable as you move forward on your spiritual journey.

The EXTRAS’ contents has been placed in the order in which they appear to gradually lead the reader–step by step and logically so—to certain understanding and conclusions in a sequence as one writing relates to another and stands also on its own.

With great love and respect,


Philip Burley

The Lotus

The lotus begins its life in the mud and darkness at the bottom of a body of water. It gradually rises up and out of its dark, underwater reality to open its petals fully to bask in the rays of warmth and light from the sun.

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Climbing the Mountain of Life

In classical literature, a mountain is sometimes used as a symbol of the heights one can reach when inspired by the presence and love of God.

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Philip’s Story

Many lives are filled with conscious or unconscious spiritual experiences that lead them on their life’s journey. This is a universal reality because we are spiritual beings temporarily residing in a physical body.

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Spiritual Channeling Explained

Attempts by spiritual beings to channel information to us are not at all rare, but frequent. Channeling happens along a continuum: from focusing energy to affect thoughts, feelings, or even physical objects, to assuming the use of someone’s hand, mind, or vocal cords to channel messages more directly.

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On Having A Spiritual Reading

A reading is a personal encounter with the spirit world, Where You Can Get Answers… Receive Guidance… and Experience True Love and Healing.

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The Still Small Voice

I believe that we all know logically and intuitively as well as experientially the meaning of the words the still small voice for us. For me discerning the origin of the voice is not as important as finding out—whether the voice is speaking inside or outside, loudly, or quietly—is it speaking the truth?

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What To Do About This Troubled, Contemporary World?

Known for my years of channeling beloved spiritual master Saint Germain, I inquired of him with a question shortly before the deadline for this week’s blog post. Below is my question followed by his answer.

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The Wisdom of Saint Germain

Quotes from the Spiritual Master
Through the Mediumship of Philip Burley

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