Philip Answers Your Questions

1. How should I prepare for a private reading?

You’ll be given a date and time to call my number for your reading. I ask that you prepare several questions about things that concern you, but don’t tell me what they are or give me any other information about you.

You’ll be in the comfort and privacy of your own home, so choose a quiet spot where you won’t be disturbed. Have water nearby, sit in a comfortable position, and be in a meditative, receptive state, so your guides, teachers, and loved ones from the spirit world can speak freely.

I don’t control who comes, so it’s best to suspend expectations and just be open to the messages you receive. You’ll be provided with a free recording, so you’ll have plenty of time later to evaluate your experience.

2. What happens during a reading?

I meditate for an extended time before your reading to tune in to your spirit world. When you call, I open with prayer and invite God and spirit world to come near. During the first part of your reading, spirit often answers some of your prepared questions before you ask.

As the reading progresses, my master guide, Saint Germain, may speak to you directly through my vocal cords. This may seem exceptional to you, but he and I have worked together for so many years that it happens easily for both of us. Saint Germain comes as someone who knows you better than you know yourself, with your absolute best interest
at heart.

When the time comes to end, spirit steps back, and I close with prayer.

3. Is it possible that you will tell me something I don’t want to know?

Years ago, I asked my guides to bring specific, accurate, and positive information for people who come to me for readings, and they have done this. I never give messages that are fearful or negative. Quite the opposite, people say they feel loved and understood by the spirits who come. Sometimes a spirit may want to apologize about something that happened between you, but this also takes place within the energy of love.

Your guides will not tell you what to do, except to speak about possibilities, as they always respect your autonomy, but their encouragement may strengthen your confidence and resolve if you are deliberating about something.

4. Can I invite relatives or friends to my reading?

Your reading may be important at this time of your life, so you want the focus to be on you. If someone else is with you, I could potentially get a message for that person! If you want to share your reading with others, they can listen to your online recording or read a transcript if you choose to prepare one.

If you want someone with you during a live experience, the best way is to attend an Out of the Blue group reading where friends can register independently and call in from their own homes.

5. If I attend an Out of the Blue group reading, will I receive a personal message?

In an Out of the Blue event, I use a random process to select those who receive a reading, as there is rarely time to give a message to everyone. Participants tell me that receiving a personal reading is wonderful, but they also benefit from the wisdom and positive energy in messages given to others.

6. What will I learn from taking one of your classes or courses?

I teach classes on meditation, mediumship, journaling, and healing. When I send an announcement, I provide a class description and learning outcomes you can expect. Classes include guided meditations and/or writing exercises designed to give you firsthand knowledge and experience to support the educational content provided.

Meditation is central to all my classes because it is the key to spiritual awareness, genuine mediumship, and the ability to project healing energy to oneself or others. You will learn how to direct your energies through visualization and, in a more passive state, to receive messages and images directly from spirit.

Whatever the topic, all my classes lead you toward knowing, through your own experience, that you are one with the One who created you. As you experience this reality, you realize that you are always connected to the source of all genuine spiritual experience, skills, and abilities.

7. Why is meditation so important?

Respected studies of meditation have established that the practice promotes relaxation, stress reduction, and general health. A regular practice can provide you with an ongoing sense of wellbeing and a calmer, more loving approach to people and events in your life.

Sitting in receptive stillness can help you independently recognize the presence of your guides, teachers, and loved ones in the spirit world, so you can directly receive their inspiration and support.

As you go deeper, busy thoughts and dominating emotions fall away, and you experience your connection to the Source of All. I am not talking about theology, faith, or belief, but about knowing that you are made of the same stuff as your Creator, and you are never separated from God who dwells within you. You may have experienced what I am saying as true, or it may be a new idea, but wherever you are on your path, my goal is to help you develop a meditation practice that will expand your awareness of the Love that is you.

8. What is the purpose of the On Wings of Love Healing Circle?

On our teleconference call, participants use prayer, meditation, and visualization to project energies of healing and peace as far and wide as we can. This circle is open to the public, and you are invited to join us!

Because I have the gift of spiritual sight, I can see that our circle is expanded by the energies of thousands of angels, guides, loved ones, and ancestors who gather with us. Our planet needs healing now more than ever, and I have no doubt that our efforts are helping. As we participate in this service project to heal the world, we ourselves are healed.

9. You have written many books. Can you recommend one that will give me a good introduction to your work?

If you browse around our online store, I believe you will be guided to the book that is right for you now.

One of my most widely read books, To Master Self Is to Master Life, is based on journals I kept when I first met my master guide, Saint Germain. Soon after he first appeared, his presence in my life was affirmed in a group reading with an extraordinary medium who did not know me at all. This was an important step toward my learning to trust that Saint Germain was for real. This book contains messages from spirit that were an important part of my spiritual development and my training as a medium.

My most recent book, Voices of Love from the Light, contains wonderful messages from 20 historically important individuals who spoke through me when I was placed in a deep state of hypnosis by accredited hypnotherapist, Dolores Proiette, PhD. Those included in the book had unique personalities and experiences in life, but they all shared a desire to return with timeless messages of compassion, truth, and wisdom for humanity.