Philip Burley Publications

Those who live in the world of spirit have wisdom and experience that can guide us toward what is most important in our lives. Philip’s books contain valuable messages from spirit, especially from Saint Germain, and information about Philip’s experience with the spirit world and development as a medium. From a spiritual point of view, Philip has written about contemporary topics such as death and dying, depression, suicide, and caring for a loved one with dementia. He has published intriguing books by other mediums, including the detailed story of a prominent passenger on the Titanic.

For a book of special significance, Voices of Love from the Light, Philip collaborated with a skilled hypnotist to channel extraordinary messages from 20 historically important figures. Read more about this book and many others in the online store or visit: Voices of Love from the Light website

Reading books published by Mastery Press will give you a deep and broad exposure to information that will help you become more aware of the spiritual dimensions of existence. As a result, you will understand yourself as a spiritual being in this life and be better prepared when it is your time to enter a new life in the spirit world.

Anyone reading all the books Mastery Press has published will find themselves getting a deep and broad exposure to the major topics and dynamics needed to become more aware of your own spirit, your spiritual life, and the spirit world. As a result, you will be better prepared to enter the spirit world when it is your time to do so.