Wisdom of Saint Germain

Quotes from the Spiritual Master
Through the Mediumship of Philip Burley...

There are no accidents on this river [of life]. Whether you find yourself in a safe harbor, in turbulent waters, or in placid waters, it is all God carrying you along. God knows how to flow, how to carry you, and when to bring you home.

Being grateful for your problem is the first step in resolving it. The essential purpose of any problem is to gain wisdom from it. The more problems we solve, the wiser we become.

Do not be discouraged about any circumstances. Rather know that your core energy is the God who created all that is. You are the literal temple of God! Therefore, no situation is insurmountable.

It is most important that you learn how to meditate and pray to be able to communicate quite literally with God within and quite literally with your master teachers and guides in the spirit world. Then the door will open wide for you, and you will be most useful to yourself and others in this life.

How you know God, how you experience God, is your individual path. No one can say to you that God is this or God is that. Since all things came from God, God is everything. There is nothing in which God does not exist. But you will meet God according to your own personality and life experience, and God will be as real to you as to anyone who experiences God.

Most of a life's accomplishments are forgotten as the life unfolds toward its earthly departure. More and more, as we approach life's transition, we look inward to what we have become. It is this way because what we have become is that which we will see upon our arrival into the finer eternal vibrations.

When we fight something, that thing stays with us. When we accept our problems …they lose power. So the secret to personal overcoming and healing is to accept yourself just as you are. Work within your reality, not someone else’s.

Each of you is a soul, living in the form of a physical body, and at the core, each of you is a pinpoint of light—a projection of the creator. As you trace your life force, the light within you, back to its source, you will find that we all emanate from one reservoir of endless, love-filled, and eternal light that is God.

When you do something halfheartedly, you get half the results, so invest yourself. The masters, guides, and teachers who are working with you know exactly what they are doing, so when you are on the path, pursue completely the good that you find in front of you. This will take you to the next step, and the next step, and the next step.

There is no such thing as being off your path. Wherever you are at any one moment, is your path. Where you are in a moment does not always agree with your idea of how life should be, and you think that there is some mistake. No, there is something for you to learn from that experience, and once you have learned it you will move on.

Remember that beliefs can be roadblocks rather than doors, so it behooves us to keep examining what we believe with an open mind and an open heart. This is the means by which we become advanced souls.

Love people unconditionally, no matter who they are or what they do to you or others. See each person as yourself and not as separate from you, and your spiritual guides and teachers will be drawn very close to you. You will grow very fast, and you will not have to deal so much with the psychology of overcoming.

This is who and what God is: the love of your life. Many want to make God into some kind of infinite abstract energy, or intellectual power; something outside and beyond human experience. Not true. Not true. God is all of that and more, but at the core, God is your beloved.

When you truly want to connect with someone, what do you do? You speak the truth from your heart. You tell it like it is. God deals in truth, and [spiritual masters] deal in truth, so never whitewash your situation in prayer. Quietly sit down, kneel, or move into whatever posture you choose, and speak your truth. Let it come from your heart.

It is not your job to raise the level of consciousness of other people. Each person is responsible to take in information, recognize it as truth, accept it, and apply it in life. Though this may sound paradoxical, to love others, you must love yourself first. You need to take care of yourself and continue to awaken to your own consciousness—your own higher self.

Nothing that you go through, even death, can destroy the essential You. Your divine self is the only thing that there really is. It is the spark of who you are. This outer garment is the character you have been given and the costume that you wear. As consciousness touches what it creates, it makes the creation seem real.

The best way to face the future without fear is to live your life based on a deep and genuine relationship with God. If you are focused on God and center your life on God, what is there to fear? If you are living with God in the present, how can the future harm you?

As the author of all life, God is in charge of all life. You are an extension of God on earth, and God’s work is your work, so what can you do? Be positive. Do not create earthquakes in your own life, and do not create war within your own self. Do not create bad weather within your own thinking.

War in the world reflects the war within human beings. Peace on earth is a reflection of the peace inside each person. March for peace if you are moved to do so; but make sure that as much as you march outside, you march inside—straight into your own heart—to establish equilibrium and peace within.

When you go to bed tonight and lay your head on your pillow, go deep inside and find the light that is there—that has always been there. Dwell in that profound peace. There you shall find all of heaven.