Philip’s Story

Toward a Spiritual Awakening

By Philip Burley

Your spiritual existence, however you define it,
is the most precious aspect of your life.
There is a longing deep within each of us
to awaken to our spiritual self and God,
or whatever name you call the Creator.

Many lives are filled with conscious or unconscious spiritual experiences that lead them on their life’s journey. This is a universal reality because we are spiritual beings temporarily residing in a physical body. Our ultimate, eternal destiny lies in the spirit world, and we are all attended on this journey by spiritual beings who will most lovingly usher us into the afterlife when our time comes.

As you read my story, perhaps your own story will emerge more clearly and brightly. Perhaps your desire to move forward on your own spiritual journey will grow stronger.

I earnestly hope so.

Early Encounters with the Spirit World
It all began with the appearance of spiritual beings who would awaken me in the early hours of the morning while everyone else in my family was still sleeping. Among the beings I met was the beloved master Jesus and others who became dear friends.

Sometimes they spoke my name in a soft, gentle voice to awaken me or touched me lightly on the shoulder or head to get my attention. At times I woke up suddenly because I sensed their presence in the room.

I often experienced these visitations as if in a waking dream—half asleep and half awake. But just as often I was fully awake with eyes wide open. I saw them very clearly in a full spirit body, in an aura of brilliant white light as they spoke to me at length.

According to my mother, I told her of these appearances, and she shared my stories with others. But nothing sensational was ever made of them, nor was I ever made to feel odd or strange.

I continue to have such visitations, and they still have a profound impact on my life.

Out-of-Body Experiences and the Glowing Rock
On many nights, my spirit rose toward the ceiling, leaving my physical body sleeping below me. As this was happening, I could see the room below in detail. Each time, I noticed a football-sized rock on the floor, on the right side, about a foot or so from my bed. The rock glowed with a golden-white light that became so bright that it lit up the whole room.

The higher I rose, the larger the rock grew. By the time I reached the ceiling, it grew to the size of a boulder and took up half the room and shone as brilliantly as the midday sun. This was such a common occurrence that I never even thought to tell anyone about it. In my innocence, I thought everyone must have a glowing rock next to their bed!

During these experiences, I knew I was attended by a presence even though I could see no one. I was surrounded with reassuring love to the point that I never felt fear or even questioned what was happening. Instead, I looked forward to these nightly out-of-body travels.

Later, I learned from the spirit world that the glowing rock symbolized the growing presence of God and Christ in my life. On countless nights, as I rose from my bed, I had watched the rock increasing in size and brilliance. So too, I would rise spiritually as the presence of God and Christ illuminated and filled my life.

Learning from Spiritual Masters
After I reached the ceiling, I passed through it into the spirit world. I don’t remember exactly the details of what happened once I arrived on the other side, but I remember that I went to a place where I met with Anthony, a master guide and teacher, a 15th Century German Catholic monk. Jesus was there and sometimes St. Paul. They taught me year after year about the unfolding of my spiritual path on earth.

Mystical Life and Spiritual Ecstasy
I have always told others I was born knowing God. I know God not by faith alone, but by direct experiences. My conversations with God have been as plentiful and natural as speaking to someone standing right beside me. My relationship with God is the foundation of my life and work.

When I read the story of St. Francis, I greatly appreciated his inner spiritual life of talking with God. Like St. Francis, I had mystical experiences accompanied by ecstasy and wide-awake visions. Also, like Francis, I could not help but exclaim my love through praise and gratitude to God for his presence and the gift of creation. Many on the spiritual journey have had similar experiences.

Dark Night of the Soul
I was not exempt from the trials and tribulations we all go through. In fact, the price can be high for the caliber of spiritual experiences I have had. Such lives are often accompanied by periodic questioning, self-doubt, and deep valleys of depression. There is the temptation to follow the physical body, give up the earnest spiritual walk, and live a life free of such encumbrances.

In the end, every tear I shed and every pain I endured was worth it because they made me what I am today. I know we are all being led by God and spirit, and there is a next step after our life on earth: eternal existence in the spirit world.

Developing the Gift of Mediumship
Eventually, I awakened to the full use of my spiritual senses through many life experiences. I was forty-seven years old when I began comprehensive formal training in mediumship with acclaimed medium, Joan Donnelly Brooks. Once I began giving spiritual readings in the late 1980s, there was such a great response that I’ve been booked from that time forward.

In 1986, I first met Saint Germain, the ascended spiritual master, after reading a book about him, Unveiled Mysteries, by Guy Ballard. For more than thirty years, Saint Germain has used me as a channel, speaking directly through my vocal cords to many individuals and audiences. (Read more about Channeling at: Spiritual Channeling Explained)

Since then, I have read for thousands of people and taught many classes on prayer and meditation and how to increase spiritual awareness. I have also taught others how to open their spiritual senses to access the spirit world and to use this gift for themselves and/or others.

For several years, I had my own radio show called The Inner View—Adventures in Spirit, which could be heard throughout Arizona (where I live) and worldwide on the Internet.

My gift of mediumship is only part of my story. My spiritual life has been made possible by faith, effort, and a great portion of God’s grace. Through a consistent practice of prayer and meditation, many encounters with spiritual masters, and life experience, I have learned that mastery of oneself is the purpose of life.

It is God who leads me forward on the path of self-mastery and gives me the grace to continue when I think I can’t. The opening of my spiritual senses happened naturally because of centering my life on God. My mediumship is a means and not an end — a reflection of my relationship with God and my progress toward self-mastery.

A Higher Reality
Today, the world is constantly changing around us. Many of us feel an urgent need to find the security of an unchanging reality, and this has led an increasing number of people to contact me and others like me — those in touch with the spirit world who can point to our eternal existence.

Finding the security we deeply seek begins with a significant awakening to God, to our spiritual nature, and to those in spirit who are traveling right along with us. When you know the spirit world firsthand, doors will open to places and opportunities you never imagined.

Many people involved with my work have come to see the world through the lens of their own increasing spiritual perception, and their lives have changed as a result. As we experience the unconditional love of God and higher beings in the spirit world, we enter the higher reality we have longed for. Our hearts open to love ourselves and others in the same way, and this brings the peace that passes all understanding.

For more than three decades I have worked to assist others in various ways to move forward on their spiritual path. It has brought me great joy to see people experience miraculous life changes through their growing contact with God and their guides in the spirit world. Through your own walk, may you find all the blessings of knowing God as a living reality within you and the comfort of knowing that love never ends.

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