What To Do About This Troubled, Contemporary World?

Philip Burley, Spiritual Medium-Channeler and…
Saint Germain

The Answer Is Within
Meditation Is Needed to Find It

Known for my years of channeling beloved spiritual master Saint Germain, I inquired of him with a question shortly before the deadline for this week’s blog post. Below is my question followed by his answer.

Philip: Saint Germain, I receive numerous inquiries about the present world and national situation. I would like to help us understand what is going on and what we should do about our individual lives in such times as these?

Saint Germain: There are several approaches I could take in answering your question, Philip. I choose to answer it on the personal, individual level:

There are many forces at work, visible and invisible. And it has ever been so since the beginning of human history. You cannot separate the happenings in the world at large from people; and what is more, you cannot separate these happenings from individuals whether they are leaders or followers. We all contribute to both the goodness and the troubles of this world. We are all responsible, if only in a seemingly insignificant, small way.

You Come to Earth with a Destiny
Each of you comes to earth with a destiny: there are certain things you are to experience, things you are to fulfill. Your essential purpose here is to gain mastery over the physical so that you can gain experience and confidence to gain mastery over the spiritual.

The “physical” pertains to the outer world of things, including most especially your body. The “spiritual” has to do with your origins, where you came from, which is the spirit world, and the spirit world from God. The most essential part of mastering the spiritual is done by going beyond the physical while still in your body through the mastery of meditation.

In Meditation Jesus Found Himself and So Can You
It is in meditation that you ultimately find and foster your spiritual self. Yes, this may include discovering your spiritual sight and hearing, but deeper than that is to discover your spiritual essence which is God. Jesus discovered this fact within him and went on to achieve God and self-realization. That is, he came to realize not only who and what God is, but where God is—right within himself.

This vitally important discovery caused him to discover or realize who he was resultant from finding God within. It was a spiritual awareness wrought by the direct spiritual experience of coming ‘face to face’ with God within, the center of Jesus’ very own being. For Jesus then, the search was over and from this point he could say, “He who has seen me has seen the Father and…the Father and I are one.”

Jesus came to earth to have this experience of finding God within and his own divine self: God in man, man in God. It was his spiritual destiny and ultimate spiritual victory. All his efforts were toward sharing this essential message; to pass on to others the truth about their own being.

Man’s Destiny: God and Self-Realization
The destiny of all of humanity is to discover within what Jesus discovered: that God-realization and Self-realization is the highest and most important reason you are here. It is the ultimate destiny of each one of us: if and when we awaken to take this fact seriously.

Do not let the world be too much with you. Do not spend an undue amount of time and energy on concern for the world. Give it its due, but for you as an awakening being and child of God, spend all the time you can give to meditation to awaken, as Jesus did, to your own inner reality, the very truth of your being, of God in you and you in God.

Jesus admonished us to seek the kingdom of heaven first and all things would be added to you (Matthew 6:33, NKJV). What did he mean? In plain language it means, put this search and find first and the things of life in you and around you will take care of themselves.

This world has ever been a place where inconsistency, variables, and changes are always in our midst; always wars and rumors of wars (Matt: 24:6). This present or contemporary time is no different; and yet the God of this world is still in charge. Only by putting your faith in the reality of the unchanging Creator of this Universe will you come into a life that you can trust in a being you can trust because God is unchanging.

Do Not Surrender to Things of This World
Therefore, whether you live or die, you will find yourself taken care of. The key is to do as Jesus did even unto death. He did not surrender to the things of this world, not to rumors, or to false promises, not to the material world of money and power; no, he surrendered to his mission, live, or die, to be always one with God and to bring this essential message to those who would listen.

In death scripture says that Jesus left his body to dwell at the right hand of God. Whether you take these words as literal or figurative, it does not matter; for what it means is that once having realized God within himself and remaining absolutely loyal to the Father, his relationship with God could not be severed. And so, he found himself in the spiritual realm of God’s personal and almighty love when he passed over into the spirit world.

Go and do likewise, starting with daily and consistent meditation, taking my words seriously for your life. If you have not found the peace that does not go away, then you have more work to do, and that work, I guarantee you, is the work of meditation.

Enter therein and you will find all the answers you have been searching for that cannot be found in this world. And…you will come to understand what to do about this troubled world.

This is Saint Germain
Wednesday, March 13, 2013

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