Spiritual Channeling Ranging from Inspiration to Mediumship Highlights | Philip Burley

Channeling Explained—Highlights
Spirit Beings Come to Everyone, Not Just to Mediums


hanneling occurs whenever spirit beings adjust their energy to ours in order to communicate or influence our thoughts, feelings, and behaviors. Spirit beings come to everyone, and guidance for all of life flows steadily from the spirit world.

Many sense the presence of a loved one in spirit. To manifest their presence, spirit beings manipulate energies that always exist around us. They do this according to timeless spiritual law, and our encounters with them are more real than we know.

Spiritually sensitive people, especially skilled mediums, may see or hear spirits as if they were standing next to them, but more often they receive flashes of information through words, images, and physical or emotional sensations.

Master guides and teachers continually move between heaven and earth for our benefit. They channel information through to enhance our work in science, art, music, and every field, combining their energies and talents with ours to bring about the best result.

We solve our problems aided by spirit as well as the logic of our own minds. When we are sad, lonely, or vulnerable, we are often surrounded by invisible energies bringing comfort and love when we need it most, and we call this experience grace.

Spirit beings from higher realms warn, protect, encourage, and inspire, but the rest is up to us. They never attempt to control us.

Direct channeling occurs when a spirit affects physical objects, communicates through automatic writing, overshadows the content of a person’s speech, or assumes the use of someone’s vocal cords.

The quality of any channeling experience is affected by the level of spirit coming through, the skill of the medium serving as the channel, and the recipient’s ability to discern the meaning of the message.

Since my first experience of channeling him more than twenty years ago, Saint Germain has spoken through me during each reading I have conducted and at many of my presentations.

Saint Germain often assumes the full use of my vocal cords to speak. My training and experience as a medium help me become passive to the point of being absent, and he is adept at adjusting his vibrations to mine.

During public demonstrations of channeling, more than one clairvoyant observer has said they see me step out of my body, often in a blue light, while Saint Germain steps in surrounded by purple to violet light. (Michael T. testimony)

Saint Germain’s love is so personal and kind that when I come out of a trance, I am often in tears. Many who meet him during a reading with me continue to feel his presence and guidance in their lives. As a master, he is concerned about humanity as a whole, but his love draws him to everyone who looks to him for help.

After all this time, I feel so close to Saint Germain that I sometimes don’t know where I end and he begins. He has changed my life for the better for all time and eternity.