Testimonials About Philip Burley

Brightness and clarity of light…

“My first experience with Philip Burley came as I sat in the audience of a large spiritual conference. I was immediately impressed by his brightness and the clarity of light emanating out of his person. I felt his honesty, sincerity, and dedication to speaking the truth, and I knew I was in for a treat from a true mystic and teacher… I saw his aura expand and become even more radiant. A host of angels, spiritual guides, and masters stood all around him in full support of his mission. When Philip announced he would be channeling Saint Germain, he was immediately cloaked in the most beautiful violet and golden cape of energy from above and directly behind him… I watched in rapt attention as the soul we call Philip lifted out of his physical body upward and toward his left, and the soul we know as Saint Germain entered his body. The harmonious energies of these two great souls lifted the spirit of the entire auditorium to a new level of consciousness and healing.”

Michael T.
Teacher, Healer, Clairvoyant and Author

Heightened spiritual awareness…

“Philip’s life gives us an example of how we too can experience heightened spiritual awareness despite having to live in the ‘real’ world. At the same time, it reflects a more open-hearted and consistent devotion to God, truth, and love than most of us ever achieve.”

Anne E., MSW
Social Worker

His work is about fulfilling the purpose of our lives…

“Philip Burley is a man of deep sincerity, depth of skill, and great clarity. His dedication is centered in the awareness that the Spirit indwells us all, and his work is about calling that presence forth so we may live to fulfill the purpose of our lives. I highly recommend him as a helper on anyone’s spiritual quest.”

Rev. Bruce K.
Ordained Minister