About Spiritual Readings

A master at what he does…

“Since losing my son in 2005, I have had two very helpful consultations with Philip. They deepened and strengthened my own spiritual process, and they were the clearest experiences I have known in working with any kind of psychic reader. Philip is certainly a master at what he does.”

Hal S., PhD

Presence of my beloved mother…

“Philip’s reading for me was deeply meaningful. He felt the presence of my beloved mother soon after she made her transition to the spirit world, and I was very grateful to receive her words from the other side.”

Marie W.
Wellness Coach

A guidepost…

“Each reading has been a guidepost enabling me to take another giant step forward on my inward journey to God. The grace that I received through spirit has left me with a source of power, energy, and understanding of life, filling me with inspiration, guidance, and an ongoing sense of who I am and what I came to earth to accomplish … The clarity, gentle guidance, and profound love that I experienced infused me with enough residual energy to carry me through many months… I feel a deep and profound gratitude to Philip for being such a clear and pure vessel as a bridge between the two worlds.”

Mark R.
Choreographer, Dance Instructor, Certified Yoga, Tai Chi and Qi Gong Teacher

The annual gift of a reading…

“I now give myself the annual gift of a reading with Philip… My own spiritual advancement has been exponential because of these precious encounters, and I am eternally grateful.”

Heather P.

Expression of gratitude for spiritual reading…

“… I am so very grateful for your reading and in awe of your mediumship. Thank you for … this reading. It will sustain me for some time. I feel your presence in my life daily. I am truly blessed. May you receive the blessings of good health, abundant love, and prosperity …”.

With love and gratitude,
Irene B.

I am so deeply grateful for the experience…

“It has been several weeks now since my reading with you … and I wanted to tell you how this experience has been working on me. I am so deeply grateful for the experience.
From the moment I discovered your books on Saint Germain, the Master’s loving and hopeful messages of encouragement struck me deeply, and I felt in my heart the supreme truth of the messages, so having an experience of Saint Germain talking directly to me, through you, shoring me up with loving encouragement, is something I will always treasure. I have listened to the recording several times now and hear something new each time. The experience has reinforced a sense that I am never alone, and that there are many guides always at the ready to assist me. It has been very comforting. …”

With Love,
Stacy C.

A beautiful gift on my life journey…

“My spiritual reading with Philip Burley was a beautiful gift on my life journey! Philip relayed to me the presence and messages of my husband, of my beloved father, mother, siblings (including a sister with whom I shared many years in a community of Franciscan sisters), friends, guides, teachers, and spiritual masters. Their words, together with Philip’s, banished several anxieties that had troubled me for years, and gave me new optimism about the future. I wholeheartedly recommend having such a reading, not just upon the loss of a loved one, but at any time of life.”

Therese S., EdD

Testament to his spiritual maturity, integrity, and dedication…

“The power and clarity with which Saint Germain speaks through Philip are testaments not only to the master’s level of enlightenment, but also to the spiritual maturity, integrity, and dedication of Philip Burley. What comes through the channel can be only as good as the capabilities of the medium allow it to be… and grace and wisdom permeate Philip’s channeling.”

Michael T.
Teacher, Healer, Clairvoyant and Author

I recommend this experience…

“My reading with Philip Burley was amazing. Though I like to think I have a healthy degree of skepticism regarding paranormal events, he provided details of my life, wherein the truth of what he said could not be denied. I recommend this experience to anyone who has a heartfelt desire for spiritual direction and for answers to questions about his or her soul’s work on this physical plane.”

Catherine N.

Best I have ever received…

“Philip’s readings are the best I have ever received. They are filled with deep compassion and true inspiration. It has been so very special to be able to connect so intimately with Saint Germain.”

Yanni M.

Accurately predicted many events…

“I’ve had several readings with Philip… and he has accurately predicted many events in my life… The communications are personal and specific to my issues, always uplifting, and focused on my highest good and potential. A reading with Philip is a truly healing experience.”

Jeannie Y.

Experience hope, comfort, and peace…

“If you are eager to grow spiritually and discover who you truly are, if you are curious about what happens after we die, or if you are eager to communicate with those who have passed on, Philip’s work will provide you with the light you need to experience hope, comfort, and peace. Philip’s energy is so pure and bright that Spirit uses him as a conduit to inspire, educate, and soothe us with wisdom known to only a few special souls.”

Susan A., MA,
Author, Licensed Psychologist & Certified School Psychologist

Going through a difficult transition…

“A reading from Philip profoundly changed my life, and I am forever grateful. Anyone going through a difficult transition will benefit from Philip’s incredible gifts and his ability to help people find their truth out of love, not fear.”

Sherina W., MEd

Feeling stuck…

“I prefer to receive my own guidance through prayer and meditation, but I had been feeling stuck. I am a trained intuitive and give readings myself, so I am very discerning about who I get a reading from… I knew from reading his book that Philip came from a place of wisdom and the highest integrity. In my reading I was given exactly what I needed to hear… I could see my life from an illuminated perspective that gave me lasting confidence and joy.”

Mari C., CHt, MIM
Certified Hypnotist and Intuitive Counselor

Evidential information is given…

“I have had several psychic readings with Philip… It is not uncommon for me to shed tears of gratitude, having been so moved by the kind, encouraging words of a relative or guide. Evidential information is given that only you and the departed presence would know, confirming the authenticity of the contact.”

Pam O.

Manifestations still evolving…

“The manifestations of my personal reading with Saint Germain and Philip are still evolving… Archangel Michael, among others, has since been instrumental in helping me release the trauma of having been in Vietnam as well as other darkness of the past.”

William N.

Universal and timeless quality…

“I have had four readings with Philip. Each time, I felt personal care, love, and internal guidance specifically tailored to my life and needs at the time. I also found that even though the guidance was for me, it had a universal and timeless quality that made it something I could share with others.”

Cindy H.

More than we could have hoped…

“As most folks have, we have had difficult moments, especially over the past two years. But Philip’s readings carried us through, more than we could have hoped. Namaste.”

Evelyn and Rick L.

Healed in a fundamental way…

“In my first reading, words of wisdom, comfort, and acceptance were accompanied by the spiritual energy of a love so comprehensive and so compassionate that I was healed in a fundamental way, and I have never been the same. I cried tears of sorrow that I had kept bottled up for years and gained a lasting sense of hope. My gratitude to Philip endures.”

Anne E., MSW.
Social Worker